I Wish I Had A Sunburn

May 25

As I listened to my friend describe how her severe sunburn felt, I could relate. I could relate to the burning skin. My skin burns all the time. I could relate to having difficulty sleeping. I have trouble all the time. I could relate to not wanting clothes or anything to touch the skin. I feel that way all the time. I could relate to the being tired from not sleeping well. It happens to me everyday.

I could relate and empathize with her. I felt sorry for her, because I knew exactly how she felt. It is no fun and it makes you feel miserable. I wish I had a sunburn that will go away in a few days. However, I have fibromyalgia (FM) and it will not go away in a few days. I have been dealing with for a couple of years. It may never go away.


FM Invisible disease

I am blessed with days that are better than others. But most of the time the skin sensitivity to touch and air, the sensitivity to noise, hot and cold; the muscle stiffness, the deep muscle pain, the difficulty sleeping, the profound exhaustion, lack of stamina and the metal fatigue are part of my daily life.

When I am in a fibromyalgia (FM) flare, it is even worse. I feel like I have the flu. I ache all over my body. Even my hair hurts. It is a awful feeling and all I feel like doing is resting. But it makes sense, if my body is sick, that I need to rest.

May is Fibromyalgia Awareness Month, so I just wanted to take share some information to raise awareness about this condition. Since I have started in my FM journey, I have met other people who experience the same complex pain disorder, but I have only heard of one who says they have relief from their symptoms.

fibro month


Some people can get relief from their symptoms from exercise, physical therapy,therapeutic massage, and medication. I exercise daily, try to avoid stress, I have recently started therapeutic massages and I am considering trying a new medication to help with my FM. Maybe I haven’t found the right combination yet, but I keep trying. There is always HOPE!

If you suffer from FM or any of these symptoms sound familiar, there is support. There are pages on Facebook that I will list below. There are also websites for information and support, I will provide a link below.

If you have FM, reaching out to others can make a difference.  Just talking to those who are going through similar experiences can help you realize that you are not alone and we all need to support each other.  If you know someone who lives with fibromyalgia, please understand that their pain is real.  Just understand that they are not lazy, they may be just conserving their precious energy.

It may sound crazy to say wish I had a sunburn, but if you have FM, you will understand how I feel. Please reach out to others for support, research as much as possible and never give up HOPE!

FaceBook Pages:

National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association

National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association




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