Hold On To Your Hat

Feb 02

hold on to your hat

If someone tells me that they have prayed for me, I think I will have a huge blessing that day or a bad day that could have been worse without that thoughtful prayer. Either way I feel like I have to hold on to my hat!

After volunteering at the church and going to Bible Study, a friend from church, and I went to visit a church member that lives in a assisted living home. I used to sit with this particular lady and her husband at church.

Her husband passed away several years ago and then she went to live in this very nice facility that is more like an apartment complex. I am ashamed to say that this is the first time I have visited her there, but I have often thought of her and wanted to go see her.

There is another lady in our church that visits her regularly and she requested prayer for her. Then I heard her talking to my friend about her and I said that I need to go see her. My friend, Mary, volunteered to go with me. That was exactly the motivation I needed. I’m glad I didn’t attempt this feat by myself.

When we walked to the front door we had to ring a bell to be let in. The dining and living area was very large and had beautiful new carpet on the floor. The first thing Mary did was tell me that another lady from our church worked in the Hair Salon in the home. We spoke to her and she gracefully offered to take us to the room of the elderly lady resident.

She introduced us, as if for the first time. However, I knew her and Mary had visited her before, but she did not recognize us at all. She sat on the bed and then laid across the bed. We both tried to talk to her, but she was very hard of hearing and she just seemed to want us to leave her alone.

I told Mary that it was sad to see her (or anyone) like that. Maybe she was having a bad day or didn’t feel good. Hopefully we can go visit her again soon.

As we were leaving Mary told me that she had prayed for me that morning. I sincerely thanked her and went on to work. It bothered me to think about the elderly lady we visited. Who knows we all may end up in some type of assisted living, especially if we have medical issues. I was depressed at the thought of it all.

After work, I went to the pharmacy to pick up three of my medications. Normally, all three would be about $6.00. When the cashier told me $26.00, I asked which one cost the most and decided not to get it this time. I was very frustrated, not that the amount was outrageously extreme, but it was the whole situation.

It was the unexpected surprise of my prescriptions being four times the amount that I was used to. It was the fact that I needed something and it didn’t fit into my already tight budget. It was also because my body now limits me on how many hours I can work, thus limiting my income. It was the fact that I already have medical bills that I am paying on monthly now. I could go on and on. But I was mainly frustrated at having Interstitial Cystitis and all the other related issues that limit me!

Oh, did I mention that I haven’t sleep good all week because of my Restless Leg Syndrome? One night I couldn’t get to sleep until 5:00 am.!! The next day I came home from work and took a three hour nap. Most of my sleep is in two to three hour blocks. That alone is enough to drive me crazy!

The next day when I snapped out of my funk, I realized that I could be much worse off than I am. I began to feel blessed and thankful. What if Mary had not prayed for me that day? My day may have been much worse! I believe that people praying for me all my life has helped me tremendously.


Someone praying for me is about the nicest gift anyone can give me. Thank you to everyone who has ever prayed for me. If you haven’t ever prayed for me…why not??!! Consider talking to God about me and lifting me up next time you say your prayers and know that I am already praying for you, if you read my blog.

The next time someone tells you that they prayed for you hold on to your hat for a blessing. It may not be as soon as you like or how you would expect it, but it will happen!

6 Responses to “Hold On To Your Hat”

  1. pattielynn kochis says:

    I am praying for you today and pray you feel better each and every day. Asking God for complete healing for you and all who suffer. Keep posting your blog..you encourage so many.

    • bbbennett65@gmail.com says:

      Thanks Pattie,
      I am praying for you as well. I pray that God’s will in done in all of our lives.

      Thank you for encouraging me to write. It means a lot to me!
      Love and hugs,

    • bbbennett65@gmail.com says:

      I appreciate your kind words Pattie.
      I will continue to write as long as I can. It is good therapy for me. I’m so happy that it encouraged you!

  2. Wayne Cameron says:

    I pray for you every day. Have you talked to your doctor about disability for this condition? I liked your blog. You are a very sincere and loving person. I am so glad we are best friends.

    • bbbennett65@gmail.com says:

      Thank you so much Wayne, I appreciate your prayers!
      I have talked to my doctor and it may be a reality for me one day.

      Hugs and prayer to you,

    • bbbennett65@gmail.com says:

      Thanks so much Wayne. I try to do the best I can with what the good Lord gives me!

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