Hey Bladder, Bladder

Jan 19
bladder lady

Isn’t she cute? Just don’t make her mad!

Something awoke the raging inferno inside my body, also known as my bladder. For a while now, my bladder has been more of a constant, burning and nagging pain, reminding me of who is still in charge, but not screaming the loudest on the pain scale.

She has been more of a persistent reminder that I need to watch what I eat, drink and do. A constant indication of how I am supposed to live my life…centered around her of course! But I have much relief from the nonstop bladder pain that I had at the onset of my diagnosis of Interstitial Cystitis (IC).  Praise The Lord!!!

Whatever it was that made her mad, soon became the obsession of my thoughts. What had I done to make her angry? Was it something I ate…maybe that lemon I had in my water?? Maybe lemon irritates my bladder, while it does not bother most, because it is alkaline. Maybe it was those two or three extra yoga stretches that I tried all in one day. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe. Maybe she just wanted to remind me who is the boss! Maybe I’m just losing my mind!!

When she is upset, she also brings along her friend “lower back pain.” This is a different kind of back pain other than my usual chronic back pain. This is a more severe pain. I thought I was in a “small” IC  flare…if there is such a thing?! However, despite the pain, I felt pretty good. I didn’t have the body aches and fever this time, so I’m just trying to take it easy as much as possible.

Sitting has always made my bladder pain hurt more, but most of what I do at work, volunteering at the church, teaching Bible study, etc. requires me to sit. So I try to stand and walk as much as possible, but it is not always easy.  Trying to figure out what caused her to flare up can be as frustrating and draining as the pain itself.  So I attempt to keep my mind focused on other things for the most part. I may never completely understand my bladder, and that is okay!

Dwelling on a problem is not going to make it better. In most cases it just causes stress and stress causes my body more trouble. Instead I am going to trust that The Lord is not punishing me. He is preparing me to trust His plan, not my pain.



9 Responses to “Hey Bladder, Bladder”

  1. Ann Helms says:

    Love your blog.. IC certainly changes your life. You think hard before trying new foods….and definitely adjusting the foods you eat. Travel is not your friend . Life changes for sure .

    • bbbennett65@gmail.com says:

      Thank you Ann!

      IC can change everything, but some things are for the better. I have some great new IC friends now!

      Travel is something that I love to do, but only short trips. I hope to make another trip to the West Coast…maybe next year. There is always hope!

      Hugs and prayers to you!

  2. Wayne Cameron says:

    Sometimes people that are in chronic pain try to focus on that and not on God. This is what Satan wants. But, God is bigger than any pain on this earth. He is with you Barbara and will not let anything happen that you can not survive. Remember, Paul had physical conditions that were so bad he even asked God to take him from this earth and the pain he was in. God said no. He had plans for him and He has major plans for you. You may wake up one morning and the pain will be gone. We do not know God’s mind. The bible tells us we will be tested all the time. Look at me, I believe if some people had to go through surgeries like I’m doing they would be angry at the world and God. I’m not bad at no one. Especially God. I get frustrated, but go on. I love God and I know you do to. I am always here for you. I love you.

    • bbbennett65@gmail.com says:

      You are right Wayne, He is always with me. That is how I have peace with my chronic pain and my new life.
      You certainly have been through much more than most people. I believe all that we go through makes us stronger. For me, it makes me closer to God, so I thankful for that!
      Take care & God bless,

  3. Peggy says:

    I know how you feel it can knock you down fast and i wondered what did i do to bring on this on, i really enjoy your blogs, keep it up if you can . I.C is awful sometimes so God Bless all suffers!!

    • bbbennett65@gmail.com says:

      I’m sure you can relate.
      I hope I will be able to continue to write. It is therapeutic for me and I pray that it encourages others.
      Love and hugs,

    • bbbennett65@gmail.com says:

      It comes out of nowhere sometimes, no matter what you do. We just have to make the best of our good days.
      I will continue to write as long as the good Lord will let me.
      Take care Peggy and God bless!

  4. teresa says:

    when my IC was bad I had nights when I wanted to take a knife and dig the damn thing out myself. Makes you crazy.

    • bbbennett65@gmail.com says:

      I can relate to that feeling Teresa. It can make you think you are crazy at times, for sure. I’m so glad you are doing better now!
      Take care and God bless!

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