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Nov 28

It is amazing to think of the events that lead up to that one episode on that day. From earlier in the morning when my sister handed me a flyer to the fact that I was working at the office by myself. Now I realize God was preparing me for what was about to happen.

When I first arrived at the office I decided to work on some flyers to hand out for the Small Group Bible study that I lead. I knew if I didn’t do them first I would get so involved in work that I would forget to print them. After I finished them I laid one on my desk so that I could give it to one of my co-workers that was not in the office. I was inspired to work on them because my sister handed me a flyer from her church that morning.

Two of my other co-workers were at the office when I arrived. They asked me if they could go together to a customer’s office to work on their computer equipment (it is rare that they leave me at the office by myself.) They assured me that they were not expecting any customers to come in to pick up their repaired computers since most of them were picked up earlier in the day. I said that it would be fine with me.

I had a cold all that week and my Fibromyalgia was flaring at the same time. To say that I felt awful would have been an understatement. I felt worthless!!  I didn’t even go into the office on Monday but managed to work a few hours from home. Every day I prayed the prayer that God would use me that day to do His will but I also told Him that I really didn’t see how He could.

It was Friday and I felt better. So when the guys said they wanted to go out and leave me in the office by myself I felt good about it. As soon as they left someone came in to check on their computer, after he left someone came in to pick up their charger, then someone else came in to drop off a computer. And of course the phone was ringing in between customers. It was not as quiet as I hoped it would be!

As I was standing there talking to the customer dropping off her computer I heard a loud crash outside. When I looked up I saw a small car come plowing into our parking lot. It missed hitting the next door building by inches.

Immediately I said “Let me go check on these people.” I went to the small car that got hit from behind first and I looked in the back seat and there were three little girls crying. I asked them if they were okay and they all nodded their heads yes. Next I asked the young female driver, about the age of my daughter, if she was okay. She just stared at me. Her hands were shaking and I knew she was in shock. I looked inside her car and saw her cell phone I asked her if I needed to call 911 and she nodded her head yes. I then took her hand and looked her in the eye and asked if she was okay. She again nodded yes.

The passenger, a young man, jumped out of the car and approached the driver of the other car. The other driver was an elderly man. I asked the older man if he was okay and he said he was fine. I thought that the two men were going to argue but they just exchanged a few words and were fine.

The Emergency Responders were quickly on the scene. They first checked the little girls while I took their mother into my office to use the restroom. I tidied up the bathroom for her and explained that I work with all men and have clean up behind them on a regular basis. She seemed very appreciative and complimented me on our nice facilities. Thankfully she was recovering from her shock.

When she headed back outside I followed her to see how I could help. The girls were carefully checked and released by the friendly Emergency Responders.  I asked their mother if she wanted me to take the girls inside while they were checked out and talked to the Highway Patrolman. She said that would be fine.

I love children but because of my limited energy I hardly ever spend much time with any now. First, I offered them something to drink.  Then I gave them some paper and pens for them to draw. They seemed to be happy.  I asked questions like how old they were and their names. I practiced spelling their names by writing it on the plastic cups that I had given them.

Then I told them that the most important thing was that no one was hurt in the wreck. At this point they had not warmed up to me.  I went on to tell them that the reason that they were not hurt was that God was looking out for them. The oldest one immediately told me she goes to the Good News Club (GNC). This seemed to break the ice.  GNC is a Bible centered after school program for children in the elementary schools in our town.

Their Dad (the passenger) came in to check on them shortly afterwards and I remembered that flyer that was laying on my desk. I handed it to him and asked him if he had a church home. He said no and that they had been through a lot lately. He told me that they had been out of work and had gotten behind on their bills. He said that they were getting caught up now.  He also told me that he has faith in God.

I told him that God allows things to happen to us so that we will grow in our faith and grow closer to Him. I said that even the wreck happened for a reason and that he just needed to figure out why.

Now that I have had time to think about it, I believe I know why the wreck happened. One reason is so that I was able to witness to their family and invite them to church. They may never come to my church but I have planted a seed and I know that God will water it. I think another reason is so that I could show the love of Jesus to all of the people involved in the wreck.

The Holy Spirit can use us at any time, we just have to be willing. I felt so bad that I didn’t really think that God could use me. I felt so worthless…do you ever feel that way? I do, all the time! It goes to show that God can use us when we lest expect it, so we need to be ready!! How can we be ready? By daily prayer, reading of God’s word, and spending time in Christian fellowship…My advice…Be ready! God can make us strong when we feel worthless!2-corinthians-12-9


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