Jun 23

My sister is going to a wedding next week. She asked me to help her find a dress.  It is a formal wedding, but we decided that she should just buy a nice dress that she can wear again after the wedding.

I had asked her to do some “pre-shopping.” Pre-shopping is what I do to save time and money.  I told her to go to a couple of websites and check out their dresses.  That way she would know which store has the best selection for what she is looking for.  If we know ahead of time where we are going, we can also look for coupons for that particular store to save money.

She came by house first and we discussed our plans. Then I packed my stuff into her van and we drove to a larger city about an hour away from where we live.  Since I had also “pre-shopped” for her, I knew that we needed to head straight to Belk…it was in the mall…dun,dun, duuun! Click below for the actual sound effect.

I don’t shop much in malls any more.  Too much walking…it wears me out.  We were fortunate that Belk has its’ own entrance making that daunting task much easier!

When we walked in neither of us knew which direction to go, so I just started walking.  By the time we found the right department I was already beginning to feel weary.  However; I have noticed that if my mind is focused on a task that I enjoy; such as shopping, I am more likely not to focus on the pain.  Apparently that even works when I am helping someone else shop.

I used to “love” to go shopping before I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC), Fibromyalgia, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Vuvodyndia.  Now my shopping trips are few and far between.

Once we found the right department, I began to suggest dresses and grabbing the ones she liked. Then I saw the clearance racks…ahhHHHH! Clearance racks are a shoppers dream come true…if you can find your size!

Well, we were having a good day because we found several in her size and she tried on all of them. None of them were “the one.” So I told her we needed to go back to the clearance rack one and find something. She said she was ready for lunch and so was I.  I told her that we needed to find a dress first.  We needed to complete our mission!

We went back to the racks and found the perfect dress for her. It was a mixed print dress in blues and purples and black. The matching short-sleeve jacket was made of a lightweight turquoise material. It has a flared bottom that lightly swishes when she walks. It will look great with some new black shoes. We both we very pleased…and hungry!

She suggested a nice Mexican restaurant across the street from the mall. I said that would be great since I had eaten there before and I knew what to order that would agree with my bladder. We both ordered our much over due lunch. She then told me she was going to pay for my lunch for my services. Boy, I wish I could do that for a living. A professional shopper that sounds like a good job for me!

After we ate we headed back home. It was a good day for me and I enjoyed spending the day with her. I hope that we will be able to do it again very soon.

Gas for shopping out of town $10.00, Dress on clearance rack $30.00, Spending the day with my wonderful sister Priceless!


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