Beach Bum

Jul 07

Twenty-eight years is a long time. Then add five years of dating. I have been with this man for most of my life. And if you add in the fact that we were in the third grade together, then we have been together since we were about nine years old.

We wanted to do something for our wedding anniversary, but the budget is tight right now. We both came up with the same idea. A day trip to the beach. That is absolutely one of my most favorite things to do in the world. Alan enjoys it too. We have been going to the beach together since I was seventeen years old.

I had checked the forecast and knew there was a chance of rain on the day we planned to go. I thought it would be fine just as long as we are together. I enjoyed spending time with and talking to Alan on our way there, but I was disappointed that the sun had decided not to even make an appearance…okay, I was actually silently pouting about it. This was our celebration time together and I didn’t want it to be cloudy or for us not to have maximum enjoyment from this trip.

Since it was bothering me, I began to pray that if it was God’s will that the sun would come out for a while. Sure enough as we were traveling down the road God’s beautiful sunshine was all around us.

As we made our way down the trail to the beach I could see more of God’s beauty all around me. The trees, many, many birds and…the ocean! God had poured His blessings out on me. We immediately took a walk down the beach. Then we both settled down in our chairs to read our books under our beach umbrella.

Sunset Isle of Palms
Sunrise at the Isle of Palms….Beautiful!

After we settled in our chairs again after the second walk, I said “Was that a rain drop?” We both ignored it and went back to reading. A few minutes later there were more drops and then we saw groups of people scamper from the beach shores. While some of us decided to try to wait it out under our umbrellas.

But the wind was blowing making me cold in the rain. And there was that tiny little thing called thunder that really encouraged us to pack it up and head to the car. Even though I would have loved to stay out on the beach, getting soaked in the rain made me happy. It took me back to my childhood, because I never want to go outside when it is raining now. It makes my hair frizzy even with an umbrella!(I am such a girly girl!)

We hurried to the car where there was dry towels, water to rinse off with and shelter from the rain. There was so much traffic that we decided to wait out the rain. Then when the rain stopped Alan said “Do you want to take another walk out on the beach?” Do I??!! Of course I do!! This man really knows my heart. I never want to leave the beach when it is time to go and I am always ready for one more walk on the beach!

After we left, we stopped at a restaurant to eat. And of course I had to go to the little girls room. While I was in there I looked in the mirror and immediately thought…beach bum. I looked like a beach bum. My hair was flat from the towel I put over my head in the rain. But it looked okay for the beach. That is another dream job of mine…Beach Bum. I think it would be great to live at the beach. Of course I would want to live in a house and just be a Beach Bum during the day! Lol

This whole trip reminded me of water….the beach, the rain and God pouring out His blessings on us. Jesus wants us to come to Him to satisfy our inner thirst or our desire for a deeper understanding of Him and His word. As this verse points out a person who believes in Jesus not only receives blessings, but they become a blessing to others. To receive these blessings we need to live out the Word of God in our daily lives. We need to read God’s Holy Word, study His Word and share His Word with others.

I definitely felt God pouring his blessings out on me that day. I just hope and pray that I am a blessing to others!


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