A Hug To Last A Year

May 04

True friend

Do you have a friend that even though they are miles away and you may not see them for a long time, you always seem to pick up where you left off?

I am blessed to have a friend like this. She comes back to my town to visit once a year in April. Usually, I see her maybe once, shortly after she arrives, and again when all of our friends get together for dinner.

This year, she dropped by my work office, a few days after she got here.  A few days later,  she and her Mom stopped by my house to visit. It was good to see her Mom and visit with her too. I told them we had to take some pictures, because I had regretted not taking any the first time we visited together.

I invited my friend to go to church with me on Sunday and she went. It was the first time she had gone to church with me in thirty years or more…oh my, that makes me sound old! She said she felt welcome and at home at my church. If only she could attend with me all the time, that would be awesome!

The next time we got together was with several of our friends for dinner one night at a nice restaurant. I was disappointed that my husband didn’t get to go. It was a major reversal of roles for us, since he was the one that was sick and didn’t feel like going.

I am so thankful that I felt good enough to go. I planned it on a Monday. I usually feel pretty good on Mondays, because I have had two days off from work to rest. It worked out great for me! I also insisted that we take pictures again. Taking pictures is a good way for me to remember our cherished times together.

My daughter called me and said she wanted to see my friend too. So we made plans and we all got together again. I was so proud that my daughter is mature enough to want to see one of my friends and I again felt blessed to see my friend again.

As we were leaving from this visit, I hugged her goodbye. I knew that she would be leaving soon and this hug would have to last for a year. How can a hug last for a year? How is that even possible??!!

At that point, I began to mourn the departure of my friend. It was great seeing her, but saying good-bye was not fun at all. We had not had our heart to heart talk, where we talk about The Lord. How could she be leaving?

As I was writing this blog through my tears, I sent my friend a text. She immediately called me and we were able to have that heart to heart talk. I think that the Holy Spirit arranged that conversation. She talked about how when she was leaving church that morning, a lady was crying. She said she didn’t know where her words came from, but she asked the lady, if she was okay or if she needed anything. I told her that was The Holy Spirit guiding her as what to say.

Many times when I am casually speaking to someone about The Lord, I don’t think about where my words are coming from, but it is The Holy Spirit guiding me, because I am normally a very shy person with few words.

Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding me and my friend. And thank you for friends that live their lives for you and are an inspiration to me!

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Me,Tracy and Tracy’s Mom

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Tracy and Miranda

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