A Good Nap

May 16

sleep mask



My day started with an IBS attack.

I felt nauseated, weak and my bed kept saying “Come back, come back!”


I gathered a few items and headed that way

My earplugs, my eye mask, and my cat; who wanted to play.


cat playing


My husband was awake, so I had to drown out his roar.

It took a mere sleep app turned up all the way, a pillow over my head and a door!


At first I was freezing and then a hot flash,

Immediately, I threw all the covers back.


Then my toes turned to ice.

Oh, those cozy, fuzzy, warm socks made them feel nice.


Then back to freezing, so I couldn’t sleep,

I cranked up the heating pad on my bladder and fell in deep.


The sleep was awesome and it was for two hours straight!!

Not that I enjoy being sick, but straight sleep felt great!


It’s not everyday that I get good rest

But today I did and I thank God, for I am blessed!


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  1. Wayne Cameron says:

    I’m praying for you. love you.

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